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Image result for health safety and environmentalThe culture of HSE within COLOSSUS is driven by risk management, making health, safety and the environment key elements of our operational and business activities. Effective HSE management is vital to the COLOSSUS system of business management and is integral to our delivery of quality and business excellence

The health, safety and security of everyone who works for us are critical to the success of our business. The health and safety of the public and communities who may be affected by our business activities is also a priority to us.

We are dedicated to giving proper consideration to the protection of the environment, actively seeking accord between environmental concerns and operational objectives wherever possible.

COLOSSUS is proud of its HSE performance to date, we believe that all incidents are preventable and we are visibly engaged at all levels to attaining our goal of HSE excellence through continual improvement.
Our business plans include measurable HSE targets that everyone at COLOSSUS is committed to achieving.




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