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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
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Principal (15+ years of experience)
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Senior Geologist/Geophysicist/Geomodeller

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Petroleum Systems
§Conduct work to evaluate the petroleum system elements - source rock, reservoir, trap, seal and timing.
§Conduct or participate in works that relate to construction of Petroleum System Event Chart either basin, acreage or prospect scale, including the numerical modeling work.

Geological Wireline Log Interpretation
§Conduct qualitative and quantitative "Quick Look" analyses to recognize reservoir properties and type of hydrocarbon pay - calculate porosity, Rw and Sw using Archie Method.
§Understand various type of specialize and imagery logs data and its application. Able to perform preliminary depositional setting interpretation from log motif character

Seismic Horizon and Fault Interpretation, Time to Depth Conversion
§Conduct horizon interpretation and produce depth structural map.
§Understands the pitfalls and limitations in seismic interpretation.
§Use of seismic attributes DHIs, QI, and basic AVO in geological interpretation.
§Good understanding and ability to use seismic interpretation software.

Prospect Maturation
§Performed the tasks of maturing prospect on regular basis - used various type tools and methods such as DHI, AVO, amplitude analysis, depositional models to predict reservoir presence and quality.
§Good understandings on prospect geological uncertainty and risk, able to suggest or perform derisking work.
§Prepared well proposal report / prospect memorandum document (s).

Seismostratigraphic Interpretation, Integration with Well and Surface Data
§Ability to recognize and interpret seismic reflection characteristics (amplitude, continuity, frequency), reflection terminations and facies configuration and its relationship to depositional systems, accommodation space, relative sea-level and sediment supply.
§Conducted some seismic stratigraphic and seismic facies interpretation.

Depositional Systems, Processes and Facies
§Developed or participated in study that constructed a clastic or carbonate sedimentary depositional model.
§Understand and recognize reservoir characterization and heterogeneity.

Basin/Play Analysis
§Constructed a play element maps such as main structural elements, trapping domains, gross depositional environments/facies, hydrocarbon kitchens, common risk segment (CRS) and conceptual cross-sections. Able to define prospective area/play to test.

Structural Geology
§Able to explain in details of any structural trap configuration from project undertaken.
§Conducted few traps integrity and fault seal analysis.
§Understands the principles of forces and stress and its relation to fracture patterns, folds and faults.
§Able to demonstrate the understanding of structuration timing.

Resource Classification and Volume/Risk Assessment
§Ability to determine and justify input parameters for resource calculation and had performed hydrocarbon volumes calculation.
§Understands the application of "cut-off" volumes, risk assessment - types and levels of risk, interdependency of prospect, and differences between play and prospect level risks.

Job keywords/tags:  Geomodelling , Basin Study
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