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Houston, United States, North America
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Principal (15+ years of experience)
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Principal Consultant - Reservoir Simulation

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Our Basin Study projects will be scoped and to be completed in areas such as CO2 migration concentration and risk mapping, field development planning, production optimization and EOR. You are to provide effective reservoir engineering capability to the company. This will involve all aspects of reservoir engineering and in particular, the building of reservoir simulation models to establish the hydrocarbon generation model that estimate the type of hydrocarbon generated and possibly expelled, including tentative estimates for the biogenic source rocks. Also to establish optimal development of the assigned fields in the short, medium and long term. Validate the model by matching the model’s performance to the historical performance of actual field dataset.

Maintain the flow of data and knowledge between Partners and its client.


  • Minimum of 15 years relevant practical experience with international operator(s).
  • Expert knowledge of Reservoir Engineering principles and expert skills in using industry software in areas of reservoir simulation, well test analysis, well flow analysis, nodal analysis, PVT analysis and surveillance techniques
  • Expert knowledge of uncertainty, risk and decision analysis and economic modelling
  • Experience in working on Malay Basin (Peninsula Malaysia or Sarawak) clastic reservoirs
  • Experience with CO2 migration, gas drive reservoirs and EOR technology
    Experience and good knowledge of production engineering and well operations log and PLT analysis, casing design, cementing, acid and fracture stimulations, and artificial lift techniques
  • Experience in resource assessment and reporting (to SPE/SEC/Client’s ARPR standards)
  • Display a track record of leadership within a team environment
    Have a sufficiently broad experience base to be able to exercise independent thought and decision making
  • Must be proactive and be able to generate and communicate ideas clearly within a group setting
  • Ability to work within small teams so a strong teamwork ethic is required
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and be culturally sensitive
  • Be self-motivated to accomplish world-class results
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Have a strong written and verbal command of English


Other details

This is an urgent requirement for an appropriately qualified and experienced reservoir engineer to play a prominent role in a basin study and field development team during the pre-development phase of an oilfield asset. Any candidate proposed will be interviewed and will need to comply with the stringent criteria set out in this job description.

The candidate will also be required to demonstrate expert knowledge and skills in his/her discipline in order to provide the effective reservoir engineering service associated with this position. This will involve all aspects of reservoir engineering and in particular, the establishment and maintenance of a reservoir simulation model to test optimal development strategies during the initial stages of the field development.

The duration of his/her service will be a minimum 3 calendar months (66 working days) with a possibility to extend subject to project resourcing needs.

Criteria on which candidate will be judged

  1. Demonstrated areas of expertise (through CV and interview process)
  2. Years of relevant experience with international Operator
  3. Qualifications
  4. Immediate availability
  5. Interpersonal skills (through interview)
  6. Command of spoken and written English

Job keywords/tags:  Basin Study , CO2 Migration , Reservoir Simulation
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