• Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    We perform due diligence services for a range of clients around the world.

    For each phase of a project, from concept development through to project management, installation and operation, we evaluate data for completeness, relevance and integrity.

    This comprises economic valuation of assets and portfolios, verifications of costs and schedules, technical reviews and regulatory compliance audits.

    Our experience in concept studies for frontier developments, immature regions, difficult fluids, deep water, mega-projects and remote locations, enable us to provide this services.

  • Lease Sale

    Transaction Support

    COLOSSUS Transaction Support Services helps you understand the value of an investment in your terms and that of your counterparty.

    Transactions can take many forms. You could be either the buyer or seller transacting in a whole company or only a part, as an individual investor or part of a group. Payment can be in cash or in kind, and can be paid at transaction date or in the future. Transactions may involve ordinary shares, preference shares, debt, convertibles, warrants, options, amongst others. There are many types of transactions and they can be complex. COLOSSUS Transaction Support Services can evaluate different forms and help you decide on a course of action.

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