Reducing costs in ultra-deepwater will require technology development. It is important to focus on those technology's that will provide the biggest bang for the buck. System and value engineering processes have identified high impact technologies. Not surprisingly, subsea and downhole technologies offer greatest opportunities for increasing recovery, operability, and extending tieback distances.



Current challenges:

  • Rapid sedimentation in young basin causes overpressured reservoirs. Overpressured reservoirs create challenges for formation evaluation, drilling, and completion.
  • High temperature/high pressure reservoirs in some regions requires special approaches in development planning and HPHT tools.
  • Some reservoirs are tight sand that might require horizontal drilling and fracking.

Our Solutions:

  • Geologic “Static” modeling 
  • HP/HT asset development (formation evaluation, HP/HT tools and equipment)


Increase recovery at lower cost applying total asset solutions

We have superior reservoir capabilities that enable us to offer total asset solutions, including well construction support, an improved production system, a revised field development plan, field management project, or enhanced oil recovery project. You can work more efficiently to improve job execution, leading to better production.


Decreased rig time through optimized reservoir completions 

An Australia operator needed to produce a deepwater field from an unconsolidated reservoir with a thin fluid column containing heavy viscous oil. Wellbore construction required innovative completion technologies including sand control, inflow control, and multiple laterals per well with hydraulic isolation at the junction.


Working with the operator, we decided on an integrated reservoir-optimized completion and reservoir drainage system. This enabled the required isolation without complicated setting procedures. Our integrated approach allowed a uniform production/injection profile without a costly deepwater cementing job. 


Current Challenges: Request For Proposal

Let us know today how we can support your technical team in resolving the challenges peculiar to your region.

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