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Steve Roberts, Interim Head of Offshore Energy 4.0, NZTC said a more pro-active approach to data sharing across the industry is critical, alongside the implementation of digital tools and processes. "The adoption of a whole system approach will enable a modern, digitalised and integrated offshore energy sector for a sustainable future.” He highlighted the table above as an important framework for closer integration.

Chelsea Bradbury, Marine Evidence Manager, The Crown Estate, said in pursuit of a common goal of net zero we are keen to share our experience from years of offshore low carbon data and insight gathering, which includes leading the development of the Marine Data Exchange (MDE), the world’s largest database of offshore renewables survey data and evidence.

"We look forward to working with a broad range of stakeholders to develop these recommendations further and to collaboratively drive positive change," she said.

Annie Breaden, Head of Policy, Crown Estate Scotland, said this taskforce has been an important step in ensuring that different technologies and sectors can work together to establish data strategies that support the continued development of offshore energy.

Dr Dan Brown, Head of Data & Digital, Offshore Energies UK, said the recommendations have been produced through a hugely collaborative process involving diverse stakeholders and they demonstrate how a shared, cooperative mindset is enabling organisations to establish an environment where collaboration can flourish.

“This strategy lays the foundations for a more connected, efficient and sustainable offshore energy industry, and supports an accelerated transition to net zero.”

Increased emphasis on data sharing to meet clean energy goals

Yonna Vitanova, Senior Policy Analyst, RenewableUK, said it is vital that all parts of the energy sector work closely together so that we can accelerate the transition to net zero. Significant advancements in data and digitalisation will play a crucial role in enabling us to decarbonise as fast as possible.

"Sharing data unlocks opportunities to build a more efficient system and to drive down costs for consumers. That’s why the work of the Taskforce is so important – their key recommendations provide a pathway for us to achieve our clean energy goals.”

Ed Evans, Energy Specialist, The Open Data Institute, added that sharing data unlocks value is proven. Value from data is created, often in unexpected ways, for the sharer and all those within the ecosystem.

"The energy transition towards net zero requires data sharing to drive innovation and facilitate increased collaboration from the whole range of organisations engaged in the offshore energy sector," he said.

“The Open Data Institute has been very pleased to work with the diverse team on this thorough assessment of the landscape and supports the strong recommendations. Focusing on the data sharing ecosystem and the required leadership illuminates the pathway and will accelerate progress.”

Steve Johnson, at the Technology Leadership Board, said the Oil and Gas Sector has already seen the value achieved by unlocking data and adopting digital technologies. Still, there is a need for acceleration in digitalisation to address the future UK Energy requirements and the demands of the Energy Transition.

“The Offshore Energy Digital and Data Strategy Taskforce provides a critical set of recommendations, which gives the basis for a more integrated and coordinated approach to meet the opportunities and challenges of our future.”

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