We model fluid with the traditional "black oil approach or a fully compositional approach.

Black oil models for

·      dry and wet gas

·      oil and water (heavy oil, "black oil", volatle oils, ...)

·      retrograde condensate

For all types of fluids, the user can:

·      use wasting black oil correlations

·      calibrate and validate lab measurements against black oil correlations

·      use PVT look-up tables over the expected operating pressure and temperature conditions.

Beside the black oil models, the two majors Equation Of State models used in the oil industry (Peng-Robinson and Soave Redlich Kwong) are implemented in PROSPER allowing fully compositional modelling.

Users can embed their own proprietary EOS models via Dynamic Link Library. The format of the DLL can be provided at request.

Hydrate and wax calculations can be performed with compositional fluid models.

When using black oil models, hydrate curves can be imported from any, other application like PVTP, the thermodynamics package developed by Petroleum Experts. There is a flag that can be activated whenever calculated operating conditions falls within the hydrates formation region.



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