Deepwater Seismic Interpretation

Day 1

Deep-Water Seismology.

Seismic Interpretation Concepts.

History of the Seismic Reflection Method.

Reflection & Refraction, Wave Equations, Poisson’s Ratio. Wavelets, Convolution, Synthetic Seismograms.

Amplitude and Phase Spectrum - Deconvolution.

Seismic Acquisition and Processing Workflows.

Deep-Water Petroleum Geology Provinces and World Distribution of Deep-Water Basins.

Exploration and Production in Deep-Water.

Deep-Water Seismic Reflection Section Parameters 2D and 3D.

Un-migrated and Migrated Deep-water Seismic Sections and Dip and Strike Sections in the Deep-water Realm.

Seismic Ties, Time Maps. Four-Way Dip Closures, Fault Closures- Exercises.

Structural Interpretation in Deep-Water - Examples.

Seismic Stratigraphic Mapping in Deep and Ultra deep-water. Onlaps/Toplaps/Downlaps/Offlaps - Exercise.

Sands and Carbonates Reservoirs Stratigraphy. Deep-Water Reservoirs Stratigraphy - Turbidites.

Well Location and DrillMap Exercise.

Bright-spots - Dim-spots - Flat-spots. Seismic Attribute Analyses.

AVO – Amplitude Variation with Offset Evaluations

Day 2

Deep-Water Mapping Techniques.

Map contouring exercises - anticline, rift basin, compressional basin.

Interpretation of deep-water records offshore rifted margins.

Data Comparisons: Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Brazil and West Africa, North Sea, Australia Northern Shelf/Slope, Southeast Asia Timor and Arafura Seas, Andaman Sea.

Mapping Exercise #1: Top and Base Salt Mapping in deepwater. Pull-up correction base salt. Bathymetry correction. Mapping Techniques - Discussion. Time and Depth Map Contouring in deepwater.

Mapping Exercise #2: Syn-Rift Isopach Mapping. Seismic Velocities: Average, Interval, NMO, RMS, Dix Equation.

Depth Conversion Techniques: PSTM and PSDM.

Gas seeps and gas hydrates recognition. Overpressure prediction

Day 3

Deep-Water Reservoirs Interpretation Techniques.

Mapping reservoir porosity, net to gross and net pay thickness.

Reservoir identification - bright spots, dim-spots, flat-spots.

Attributes: amplitude, frequency and phase, windowed attributes.

Comparative Interpretation of Post-Stack & Pre-Stack Time Migration.

Pre-Stack Depth Migration - Interpretation.

Mapping Exercise #3: Turbidite Play Offshore Brazil. Mapping Techniques Precision.

Map Contouring - Block Faulting.

Deepwater Petroleum Systems: Source Rock Burial, Migration Paths, Trap Formation, Hydrocarbon Emplacement.

Prospect Generation ; Risking of Deep-Water Prospects ; Project Economics.

Day 4

Deep-Water Compression Tectonics - Mapping Interpretation.

Southeast Asia: Makassar Strait, South Irian Jaya, South China Sea, Palawan Basin, West Natuna Sea.

Mapping Exercise #4: Southeast Asia Deep-Water Reservoirs.

Fault Contouring. Discussion of Mapping Techniques.

Velocities and Depth Conversion in deep-water.

Wells Location and Depth Map Construction.

Day 5

Course and Projects Review.

Course Test(s).

Case Histories – GoM, West Africa, East Brazil, North Sea, Asia .

Course Review – Thematic discussion, topics, questions, answers.

Final Test.

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