Well Test Design and Analysis

Day 1

Types of Test Analysis 

  • Steady state, semi-steady state, and transient well performance
  • Basic concepts for test analysis
  • Drawdown and buildup testing
  • Semilog analysis and estimating average reservoir pressure

On day one of this course participants will learn about the need for testing and the states of well performance.  The basic concepts for test analysis will also be discussed on this day.  Some concepts that will be covered include modeling radial flow and characterizing damage and stimulation.  Several types of testing will also be discussed, including drawdown testing and buildup testing.  This day will also include a discussion on semilog analysis and estimating average reservoir pressure.

Day 2

Diagnostic and Derivative Analysis 

  • Diagnostic and derivative analysis
  • Wellbore storage and type curve matching
  • Sealing faults and stratigraphic pinchouts
  • Late time boundary and depletion effects

Participants will learn about diagnostic and derivative plots analysis on this day.  A discussion of wellbore storage and type curve matching will also be included.  Participants will be introduced to recognizing sealing faults and stratigraphic pinchouts, along with late time boundary and depletion effects on well tests plots.

Day 3


Types of Well Testing

  • Interpretation of well test data
  • Analysis of post-fracture tests
  • Variable rate analysis methods
  • Horizontal well testing
  • Multi-well testing

This day will focus on teaching participants about the interpretation methodology of various types of well testing. The types include post-fracture tests, variable rate analysis, horizontal well testing, and multi-well testing. Participants will also learn about the interpretation of well test data in naturally fractured reservoirs.


Day 4

Analysis Gas and Gas Condensate Reservoirs 

  • Modifications for gas wells and multiphase flow
  • Well test analysis in gas and gas condensate reservoirs
  • Pseudo-pressure and type curve analysis techniques
  • Phase redistribution

On day four of this course, participants will learn about well test analysis in gas and gas condensate reservoirs.  They will learn about modifications for gas wells and multiphase flow.  Participants will learn about pseudo-pressure and type curve analysis techniques, along with phase redistribution.

Day 5


  • DST key features
  • DST design and analysis
  • Interference tests
  • Reservoir limit tests
  • Well test design and step-by-step procedure

The last day of the course will include a discussion on DST, its key features, design, and analysis.  Participants will learn about interference test and reservoir limit tests.  The class will end with a discussion on well test design and each participant will learn the step-by-step procedure.

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