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As technology advances, so does the oil and gas industry. Digital oilfield is for the solely purpose of maximizing recovery, eliminating non-productive time, and increasing profitability. Implementing the use of software’s in the culture of oil field has become a challenge due to:

  • Data integration and validation
  • Data communication
  • User training


Smart, Agile, Interactive Data Discovery Visually interact with your data and find insights in an immersive environment, so you can spot opportunities and risks before your competitors—without having to ask IT for help. COLOSSUS provides the most powerful and agile experience for self-service visual analytics services.







Analytical Applications and Dashboards COLOSSUS build analytic applications that take your business users through an analytical workflow, and enable them to use advanced analytics in a guided way, increasing productivity for all


Enterprise-grade Analytics COLOSSUS provides the smallest implementations to the largest global deployments, demonstrating unparalleled performance in the most demanding implementations. You can be confident that business-critical analytic applications perform as needed using capabilities such as redistribution of resources for multiple workloads.







COLOSSUS GROUP provides several solutions that will help our clients with any digital oil field problems:

  • Optimize production workflows
  • Improve data communication
  • One-on-one training
  • Data validation


Artificial Lift Placement


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To gain access of unique perspective to your current challenges and how other operators are thriving in similar situation:

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