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Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM)

  • Integrated asset modeling is a holistic view of upstream and downstream components which helps to predict, plan and optimize production with high accuracy
  • Integrate asset modeling creates a continuous system from the reservoir to the processing facilities.
  • It can help field optimization and facility planning process to be more efficient
  • It can be used to forecast the field production both in short term and long term


Two key flaws in Traditional Process:

1.Time required to execute the changes can be long due to it sequential nature

2.Relies on effective communication between departments






  • Use commercial IAM software to look at the field holistically (GAP, RESOLVE)
  • Fluid Modeling
  • Full Field Review (FFR)




  • What is your current problem with the field?
  • Has your field been optimized?
  • Are you interested in performing FFR?
  • Are you interested in debottlenecking your production?
  • Are you interested in improving your operating procedure?


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