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A well never actually attains its absolute flow potential; therefore, artificial lift helps a well to produce at some optimum rate through various systems. With the demand of oil increasing, it is becoming important that the best efficiency possible be obtained. Matching artificial lifting capabilities with the well productivity needs –will indeed improve the efficiency of the project. As artificial lift systems are used more frequently in mature and young fields new challenges will arise such as:

  • Understanding the factors needed in order to make a selection.
  • Managing changes in production rate and increasing production efficiencies.
  • Improving efficiency of artificial lift systems in horizontal wells.
  • Knowing which artificial lift system to use to deliquefy gas wells.
  • Prevent wear and erosion in unconventional wells.


Colossus Group provides several solutions that will help our clients with any artificial lift problems:

  • Gas Lift
  • Pump-Assisted Lift
    • Reciprocating Rod Pump
    • Progressive Cavity Pump
    • Hydraulic Submersible Pump
    • Electric Submersible Pump
  • Jet Pump
  • Diluent Injection


To gain access of unique perspective to your current challenges and how other operators are thriving in similar situation:

  • Is your well located onshore or offshore?
  • Is your water depth greater than 1500 ft?
  • Do you have a horizontal well?
    • If so, are you maximizing your production with any form of artificial lift system?
  • Which artificial lift system mentioned above are you considering or currently using to optimize production efficiencies?
  • What sand control system do you plan or currently have in your completions:
    • Gravel Packing
    • Maintenance and workover
    • Rate exclusion
  • What is your primary artificial lift method selection criterion?
    • Reservoir Characteristics:
      • Gas-liquid ratio
      • Reservoir drive mechanism
      • Viscosity
      • Inflow Performance Curves
    • Hole Characteristics:
      • Well Depth
      • Completion type
      • Casing and tubing size
    • Surface Characteristics:
      • Flow rates
      • Field location
    • Field Operating Characteristics:
      • Enhanced Oil Recovery projects
      • Long-range recovery plans

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