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Due to extreme depths, distances and temperatures many build-ups can occur in the pipeline and flow line system such as gas hydrate, asphaltene, wax, scale, and naphthenantes. Flow assurance has become the most critical topic in offshore fields; therefore, the challenge that affects all exploration and production companies is:

  • How to prevent hydrate, scale, and wax from deep-water wells, high pressure- high temperature wells, and massive wet gas production wells.


Colossus Group provides several solutions that will help our clients with any flow assurance problems:

  • Hydrate and Paraffin 
  • Liquid handling
  • Sizing separators and slug catchers
  • Managing solids
  • Simulating key operational procedures including start-up, shut-down, and modeling for contingency planning
  • Assessing environmental risk in complex deepwater drilling environments.


To gain access of unique perspective to your current challenges and how other operators are thriving in similar situation:

  • Are you maintaining high temperatures in the pipelines?
  • Are you injecting inhibitors?
  • Are you keeping low pressures in the pipeline and flow-line systems?
  • Have you determined the allowable shut-in and shut-down times?
  • Have you performed a hydrate test?
  • Are you controlling the transportation conditions?
  • Are you planning any chemical techniques to prevent solids in the pipelines?

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