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Fluid Modeling:

  • Black-oil properties can be obtained using EOS model to simulate a depletion type PVT experiment. Black oil model should not be used in gas-injection process.
  • Compositional model used correlations with volume shift factors to correct for changes in oil, gas densities and fluid compositions when pressures vary.
  • Thermal model is used for thermal processes like steam-injection. It takes into account temperature dependence factors such as K values, densities, and viscosities


  • Identify correct fluid model can help to increase accuracy in phase behavior and fluid properties prediction
  • Integrated Modeling
  • Full Field Review


  • What is the field’s production?
  • What is your EOR’s method?
  • Are you interested in debottlenecking your production?
  • Are you interested in conducting FFR?
  • Are you having problems handle solids?

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