Field Development Planning

The development stage takes place after successfully completing the appraisal period and before the beginning of the field production.

Field Development Plans (FDPs) provide the necessary support for field optimization, and include all activities and processes required to optimally develop a field. 

Development Plan WORKFLOW


In general, our development activities and processes involves:

  • environmental impact, geophysics, geology, reservoir and production engineering, infrastructure, well design and construction, completion design, surface facilities, economics and risk assessment

In particular, the activities and people involved in the development stage

  • define a precise Field Development Plan (FDP) – geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers
  • decide the best production/injection well placement and design – drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, geologists
  • select the optimal production facilities required to properly process hydrocarbons before their treatment – production engineers, reservoir engineers, facilities engineers
  • choose the transport options and route to export oil and gas – logistics engineers



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