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Houston, United States, North America
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Mid Career (5+ years of experience)
Bachelor's Degree
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Part time

Energy Industry Editor, Journalist, Writer, Blogger, Contributor

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Our client is a new startup and are looking to build content for its magazine online.

We're looking for Subject Matter Experts in all major Energy Technical Categories of Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energies, including Business/Commercial. This is an opportunity also open to graduate students who would like to build their portfolio and showcase their writing skills while finishing university, or for graduates looking for a job in the energy industry who want to have an opportunity to build their portfolio.

We have 3 volunteer vacancies:

- 1 x Editor: you will choose the text to be published. You will work directly with the project manager of the magazine and build the content of the magazine. You will review the text, edit as necessary, and publish on the website. To be editor you must have had some experience working as a journalist or similar, or you may have been the editor of your student magazine at school. As well as editing the text, you will also need to choose the images that go with the text.

- 2 x Journalist/Writer vacancies

if successful in applying for a journalist/writer vacancy, you will have two roles to perform:

  • (1) - one role is that of interviewer you will need to schedule and interview energy industry leaders and record (in writing) those interviews. You can do the interviews in person, via Skype or by email. Once you have recorded the text/video of the interview, you will need to edit and publish it. You will need to complete 2 interviews a week.
  • (2) - writing/blogging


You will write content for the website which is related to latest technologies, industry affairs, events etc. The text will be blog type, informal but informative and professional. You will need to be very creative and English has to be your first language. Your text needs to be ready to be published (so it must be well polished and grammatically correct).

These are voluntary roles that can be done alongside other work/studies and can be done from home.

Broad knowledge and appreciation of the Energy Industry is as essential as your specific domain. Domains include Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy; Green or not etc

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Internship Volunteer

Job keywords/tags:  Writing , Editing , Blogging
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