Current challenges:

  • Heavy oil is defined as those with API < 20. Is has low energy, low GOR and high viscosities at reservoir conditions, thus these characteristics of heavy oil make it hard to flow and produce as well as creating flow assurance challenge
  • Heavy oil contains high amount of asphaltenes which can complicate production process
  • For reservoir performance, heavy oil reservoirs tend to have low reservoir pressure, temperature and low productivity due to high viscosity. Therefore, EOR and well stimulation’s techniques should be implemented
  • For production, multiphase flow modeling can be challenging which leads to development and flow assurance issues


Our Solutions:

  • EOR (steam injection, chemical injection, and water injection)
  • Stimulation (multilateral wellbores, inflow control devices)
  • Fluid modeling
  • Flow Assurance (Steam placements along the wellbore)


Current Challenges: Request For Proposal

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