Our Mission

    COLOSSUS GROUP is a results-oriented oil and gas company that builds value for its shareholders by creating an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity, resourcefulness and by dealing with everyone in an honest and ethical manner.    COLOSSUS BROCHURE


Our Charter

    Our purpose is to create long-term value through quality and cost effective services towards the discovery, development and conversion of natural resources, and the provision of innovative customer and market-focused solutions.

To prosper and achieve real growth, we must: Actively manage and build our portfolio of high quality services and clientele.

Continue the drive towards a high performance organization in which every individual accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results.

Earn the trust of employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders by being forthright in our communications and consistently delivering on commitments.


Our Brand

COLOSSUS GROUP CORPORATION [typically written in UPPER CASE letters] generally trade under the ASSUMED NAME "COLOSSUS GROUP" esp. across the North America business segment. Wherever (document or presentation) this abbreviation is used, it is very probably that a particular 'business arm' or service is being referred to. for example; 'COLOSSUS GROUP Enterprise Solutions', COLOSSUS GROUP Business Intelligence etc. 

However, the entire company is referred to as COLOSSUS CORPORATION (especially across the European business segment etc).

Slogan:       ...envisage             ...ACTUALIZE

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Our Strategy

Whilst on our quest to strengthen global presence, COLOSSUS GROUP anticipates joint ventures with reputable local companies who has experience and capability in performing any related range of service‘s’ that “COLOSSUS” offers as well as financial capability and broaden “COLOSSUS” coverage of local respective markets worldwide.



We promote a strong team work, diligence and ethical atmosphere throughout our corporation supported by broad-based internal controls and accounting processes. 

Our recent initiatives to emphasize our commitment to sound corporate governance are consistent with how COLOSSUS has operated throughout our history.                                                                      

In order to profitably serve the needs of our customers and their assets, we integrate state of the art engineering quality service delivery into practicable solutions, whilst preserving the environment and creating value.

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